Saturday, November 9, 2019

A quick update on the galley progress (and a bit of news about the title)

The weather was chilly and rainy all week, but the morning broke bright and clear today. So after some Saturday morning pecan pancakes, I took advantage of the warmth and sunshine and headed outside to work on the Maggie Mee.

I made good progress on the fold down work counter and pull out stove shelf. It took quite a bit of tweaking to get the stove shelf to work the way I wanted it to, but I am satisfied with it now. Last Sunday I worked too long and got tired and careless, and ended up tripping over something in the shop and taking a hard fall on the concrete floor. So today I quit while I was ahead. Tomorrow we are supposed to have another beautiful fall day, so I’ll pick up where I left off this afternoon and work on the storage cabinet that will go beneath the stove. In the meantime, this is what it looks like so far:

In other news, after a five week adventure, I finally have a title to the trailer. Someday soon I will write up what it was like trying to build a bonded title (the original was lost) so that I could register The Maggie and become the legal owner. I am sure that someone might find a list of all the steps I had to go through useful if they ever have to do the same. For now, though, I am just too tired of the whole story to think about it. Suffice it to say that it was epic, like the labors of Hercules, full of sea monsters, and Gorgons, and swimming frantically through the rapids in a driving storm, only to have a wave sweep you away just as you thought you had finally reached shore. Or something like that.

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